6. Redesign The Brisk Iced Tea Can

Brisk Iced Tea PROJECT 1

Original and New Design

Consumer Beverage Product Design
To create a new and effective consumer product design for the purpose of revitalizing a retail beverage brand.
To apply the new design to an existing, glass bottle, plastic package or aluminum can. You will have the choice of what type of beverage you would like to redesign (whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic). Note: feel free to include additional packaging items if needed.
I use to drink the Brisk Lemonade, but I was often confused with the Brisk Ice Tea. The color and style of Ice Tea has too strong feeling that looked like soda strong flavor drink. So I decided to redesign it.

Brisk Project 1
Brisk Mockup

Brisk Iced Tea PROJECT 2

Make Ads With the New Design

Consumer Beverage Product AD Series
To create a series of two ads, with the same concept, for the beverage product you have redesigned the packaging for in assignment 1.

The ad series will follow the same direction and creative brief as you used to redesign the packaging. This should be considered as the campaign to launch the new product design. Design the ads so they can be used for both print and on Instagram.

I wanted to describe the rest in an iced tea river or sea.

Brisk Project 2
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